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Driving Success, Together.

Let's start to unlock your full potential.

Background  & Expertise
  • I have worked extensively in FinTech as a product manager, project manager, and scrum master and have worked for both large investment banks and early stage startups.

  • I have launched web and mobile applications with a variety of different teams. 

  • I am a continuous improvement advocate always looking for ways to give my team an edge given that we are always working with resource, budget, and time constraints while trying to build the best possible product.  

  • In my experience I have learned that the projects with the best results are the one's that have a high performing team behind it. 

  • The most important thing that I have learned is that high performing teams can be created.

  • Product Management

    • Developing a Product Roadmap ​

    • Managing a backlog

    • Intaking stakeholder inputs

    • Managing stakeholder expectations

    • Communicating requirements to engineering

    • Generating creative product solutions

    • Collaborating with UXA's and Design

  • Project Management​

    • Assessing and mitigating project risks​

    • Developing and executing plans

    • Creating tactical and strategic delivery plans

  • Scrum Master​

    • Facilitating all agile ceremonies​

    • Leading the team through continuous improvement

    • Increasing velocity and team satisfaction

Creating High-Performing Teams:

My Three-Stage Process

Stage 1: Assess and Understand

It is critical to spend the time to understand what you want to accomplish and what areas you would like to improve at so we can discuss and put a plan in place to target those areas in need.

Stage 2: Develop and Empower

Building upon the insights gained, we develop a customized plan to address your specific needs. Through targeted training, coaching, and mentorship, I will team you the skills, knowledge, and tools necessary to excel in your role or desired roles effectively.

Stage 3: Sustain and Optimize

We continue to assess the areas that we want to work on and we continue to plan and develop those skills so that you can feel comfortable and confident doing this in your role

The Approach
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